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Harvest Thins

Harvest Thins™ are the savory solution to your snacking needs. These plant-based, protein-packed thins are filled with amazing flavor and come in convenient, 100-calorie packs. They’re perfect on the go, great for Cleanse Days, and a delicious add-in to your favorite recipe.

  • 11 grams of high-quality pea protein.
  • 100 calories per serving.
  • Individually packaged for a convenient, on-the-go snack.
  • Approved for Cleanse Days.
  • Available in savory Thai Sweet Chili and NEW Garlic & Herb.
soy-free gluten-free dairy-free low-glycemic vegetarian kosher

Convenient Protein Wherever You Go

Planning a meal can be easy — you can think ahead, prepare ingredients or mix up a shake, and set the time or place for when you’ll enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s those in-between moments when we crave something before or after a meal that can catch us by surprise.

Harvest Thins are the savory solution to your plant-based snacking needs. Need something easy? They come in convenient, 100-calorie packs. Want something nutritious and filling? How about 11 grams of high-quality pea protein. Powering through a Cleanse Day? They’re approved for that, too.

Most importantly, the amazing flavors like Garlic & Herb and Thai Sweet Chili will have you looking forward to those in-between moments that no longer catch you off guard.

What’s Inside Harvest Thins

High-Quality Pea Protein

11 grams to fill you up and support your healthy goals.

Satisfying Flavors

Incredible, savory bursts of Garlic & Herb and Thai Sweet Chili.

Convenient, 100-Calorie Servings

Go wherever you go, and ready whenever you need them.

Everyday Use

On the Go

Throw them in your purse or gym bag or keep a few in your desk drawer at work.

Cleanse Days

A tasty, savory alternative for superb Cleanse Day support.

In a Recipe

Substitute croutons or crackers for Garlic & Herb Harvest Thins.

Upgrade Your Next Snack With Plant-Based Harvest Thins

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